Careers Zone Live chat – Wednesday 8th November, 1–2.30pm

The next Careers Zone live chat is:

Wednesday 8th November 


Chat page:

This is a drop-in style chat. It’s open to all students at schools in the zone and all experts who are available. There will be a moderator in the chat at all times to help it run smoothly.



If you’d like to join all or part of the drop-in chat, please comment below to say so, e.g. ‘Hi, I’ll be there from 1.15 :)’. Please comment by Tuesday 7th November.



Check the comments to see which experts are planning to be in the chat. You can comment to let them know you’ll be there too. Be sure to look through these experts’ profiles and log in on Wednesday from 1pm-2.30pm to chat with them live here:


Please support your students in accessing the chat. If you’re bringing a whole class online, comment below to let us know! If you have any questions or problems, please call us on 01225 326892 or email

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6 Responses to Careers Zone Live chat – Wednesday 8th November, 1–2.30pm

  1. jonettleshipcareers says:

    Hi, I’ll be there from 1 pm. Jo

  2. anitathomas says:

    I’ll be there until 14:20ish. Speak to you soon!

  3. debbiecrockardcareers says:

    I’ll be there from 1pm 🙂

  4. shreeshabhat says:

    Hi, I will be there from 1pm-2 pm. Looking forward to the chat.

  5. anthonycaravaggicareers says:

    Hi. I’ll be there from around 1 – 2pm

  6. claranellist says:

    Hi. I can join from 2pm.

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