• Question: Hello, did anything stop you in your life from you dream job ?

    Asked by 786cara48 to Christl, Claire, Devon, Dmitry, Heather, Krishma, Laura, Richard, Thomas, Tim.S on 22 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Christl Donnelly

      Christl Donnelly answered on 19 Jan 2018:

      I am lucky enough to have an amazing job – Professor of Statistical Epidemiology at Imperial College London. I work on infectious diseases and advise policymakers and international organizations (like the World Health Organization) on the spread and control of infectious disease. I am moving in August to be Professor of Applied Statistics at University of Oxford – but I will maintain the links to Imperial. I am interested in the problems I work on and I work with great colleagues. Moving from one dream job to another!

      By way of background – I grew up in Indiana, USA. I would never have gotten to this position if I hadn’t been willing to venture out into the wider world.

    • Photo: Dmitry Dereshev

      Dmitry Dereshev answered on 19 Jan 2018:

      Nothing I can think of. Then again, I am only starting out 🙂

      What helps is knowing about the industry (especially, what is needed in terms of skills and locations). Check out economics videos from Khan Academy on YouTube – their videos on supply and demand could frame your mind on how your specific dream job is evaluated from the employer point of view.