• Question: What types of things do chemical engineers do on a typical day? Also, is a process engineer a type of chemical engineer? If so what are the other types of chemical engineers?

    Asked by Kareena to Tabby, Sam, Natalie, Michael, Holly, Craig on 6 Feb 2018.
    • Photo: Holly Miller

      Holly Miller answered on 5 Feb 2018:

      Hi Kareena, I studied Chemical Engineering at University but now work as a Process Engineer so to answer the second part of your question – yes, Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering are very closely linked.
      Chemical Engineering covers such a wide range of industries that it is hard to say what a chemical engineer would do on a typical day. It could be anything from designing manufacturing sites to working in a lab. All the students in my year have gone on to do such different things – I work in the automotive industry, some work in Oil and Gas, one has just come back from India after working on a water treatment project.
      If you are interested in how things work and how processes can be improved then Chemical Engineering is a great choice. There are so many opportunities within the subject.