• Question: After sixth form, would you advise to do a degree apprenticeship and have the years of experience and degree or go to university for my degree?

    Asked by JessicaMoore to Tim.M, Simon, Sandra, Sam.P, Becky, Pramod, Phil, Nicola, Natalie, Marianne, Lydia, Laura, Krishma, Kanta, Jonathan, John, Iulia, Harriet, Hannah, Greg, Gina, Evan, Cathal, Andy, Abid on 10 May 2018.
    • Photo: Harriet Bray

      Harriet Bray answered on 9 May 2018:

      It depends a bit on what you want to do after your degree / apprenticeship. You could look at degrees with industry experience, I spent a year of my degree working in a company which was very valuable.

      Which ever you pick make sure that the course is focused on an area which you are interested in and provides good quality skills.

    • Photo: Iulia Motoc

      Iulia Motoc answered on 9 May 2018:

      It depends on you really. But if you do want the work experience, all universities offer year in industry. You get to do you degree and then after your second year go work for a company that has a partnership with the university you are studying at. Most of the people I know did year in industry, were offered full time jobs by the company they did the year in industry with. So this is a good way to know you have a job secured after you graduate.

    • Photo: Kanta Dihal

      Kanta Dihal answered on 9 May 2018:

      I didn’t do an apprenticeship, I went straight to university after sixth form and that worked out very well.