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Debbie | Marine biologist

Me and my work I work for a charity called the Marine Conservation Society. I spend a lot of time at meetings, giving presentations and preparing documents on why we should protect our seas. I travel all over Europe and work with lots of really interesting people, other conservationists and marine biologists, politicians, fishermen and members of the public.

Good if you like: Charity | Outdoors | Water | Environment | Animals | Communicating

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Kanta | AI stories researcher

My Work I study stories that help people understand very difficult science, such as quantum physics and artificial intelligence.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be in the same career?¬†Don’t believe people who say that you’re either a science person or an arts person. You can be both.

Good if you like: English | Writing | Physics | Communicating | Going abroad

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 Photo:Abbie | Health psychologist

Best moment in my job When you connect with people about your research. So I would say a talk that I did for young people with chronic pain last year. The parents and young people really liked hearing about my research and I was able to talk to them about what type of research would be useful to them in the future.

Good if you like: Helping people | Writing | Psychology | Teaching | Health

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Photo:Dmitry | Roboticist

Me and my work I give people smart speakers (Amazon Echo), and companion robots (Jibo, Buddy, and Pepper) and see what they do with them. I transform that knowledge into design advice so that future developers can make better robots for all of us!

Good if you like: Design | Coding | Travel | Experiments | Robots

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