Dementia, medicine and plants: New people on Careers Zone!

Debbie | Dementia researcher, Exeter University My Work I’m looking at how museums can help people with dementia. Good if you like: Psychology|¬†Brain |¬†Health | Helping people | NHS | Teaching Read my profile‚Üí Rob | In-vivo scientist, Hertfordshire My work I test medicines using animals and help to develop medicines for children which don’t taste bad. Good if you like:¬†Biology¬†|¬†Medicine |¬†Animals |¬†Chemistry¬†|¬†Health |¬†Apprenticeship¬†|¬†Lab |¬†Curing Cancer¬† Read my profile‚Üí Alex | Plant Researcher, Nottingham My Work¬†I’m trying to find a way for the roots of a plant better at getting phosphorous out of the soil. Good if you like: Biology | Plants | Outdoors | Water ¬† Read my profile‚Üí ¬†Find more people based on what you like: Choose my interests¬†‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Log in to Careers Zone Save interests on your profile Get answers to your careers questions Recommended science and engineering jobs Your username is on your¬†I’m a Scientist sticker, … Continue reading

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Writing, travel, charity & AI ūü§Ė: Discover jobs that do it all on Careers Zone this month

Debbie¬†| Marine biologist Me and my work¬†I work for a charity called the Marine Conservation Society. I spend a lot of time at meetings, giving presentations and preparing documents on why we should protect our seas. I travel all over Europe and work with lots of really interesting people, other conservationists and marine biologists, politicians, fishermen and members of the public. Good if you like:¬†Charity¬†|¬†Outdoors¬†|¬†Water¬†|¬†Environment¬†|¬†Animals¬†|¬†Communicating Read my profile‚Üí Kanta¬†| AI stories researcher My Work¬†I study stories that help people understand very difficult science, such as quantum physics and artificial intelligence. What advice would you give someone who wants to be in the same career?¬†Don’t believe people who say that you’re either a science person or an arts person. You can be both. Good if you like:¬†English¬†|¬†Writing¬†|¬†Physics¬†| Communicating |¬†Going abroad Read my profile‚Üí ¬†Abbie |¬†Health psychologist Best moment in my job When you connect with people about your research. So I … Continue reading

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Prosthetics, Particles & Ultrasound: New people on Careers Zone this Easter! ūü•ö

Shruti¬†|¬†Prosthetics engineer How I got into this job¬†I did A levels at military sixth form college in preparation to become an Aerospace Engineer in the Royal Air Force, but unfortunately developed knee problems and had to leave the military. I then chose to specialise in Biomedical Engineering,¬†developed an interest for prosthetics and applied for my PhD:¬† Working with the military to make better fitting limbs for ex-soldiers who are amputees. Good if you like:¬†Helping people¬†|¬†Design & Technology¬†|¬†Human body¬†|¬†Biology¬†|¬†Health Read my profile‚Üí Hannah | Astronomer My next step¬†I’m approaching a fork in the road. Either I go on to continue in research, or do something else. Both paths will definitely involve using all the skills I’ve learned along the way Good if you like: Space¬†| Coding¬†|¬†Travel¬†| Satellites¬†| Writing Read my profile‚Üí ¬†Gill |¬†Ultrasound Programme Director My work¬†When I‚Äôm not teaching, I might be chasing a baby around its mum‚Äôs abdomen to … Continue reading

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Space, smartphones, stats: New people on Careers Zone this month!

K-Jo¬†| Spacecraft engineering apprentice, Harwell My Work¬†I’m a 17 year old doing an amazing apprenticeship… I get to make and test a variety of space technologies that come from the idea of origami! Good if you like:¬†Space |¬†Engineering |¬†Electronics |¬†Maths |¬†Physics Read my profile‚Üí Emma¬†| Statistician in drug development, London Why I got into this job I¬†liked the fact I was using my maths skills to help make a difference to patients’ lives Good if you like:¬†Biology¬†|¬†Medicine |¬†Maths |¬†Curing cancer¬†|¬†Health |¬†Helping people¬†|¬†NHS |¬†Coding |¬†Communicating¬†|¬†Computers¬†|¬†Human body Read my profile‚Üí Kieran¬†| Computer scientist, Dublin My Work¬†Helping you spend more time looking up at the stars instead of down at a smartphone screen! Good if you like:¬†Computers / IT |¬†Maths |¬†Design |¬†Coding |¬†Engineering¬†|¬†Health¬†|¬†Online |¬†Psychology |¬†Communicating |¬†Media |¬†Helping people Read my profile‚Üí ¬†Find more interesting people based on what you like: Choose my interests¬†‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ Log in¬†to Careers Zone→ Save interests on your profile! Get … Continue reading

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Students! New people that match your interests ūüĎá

It’s tough to know all the possible jobs out there. But you probably know what you like doing now. Do you: like to help people?¬†Talk to Shona, the radiotherapist ūüŹ• love¬†robotics?¬†Check out Lydia,¬†engineering apprentice ūü§Ė enjoy¬†being outdoors? Meet Anthony, the conservationist ūü¶ó like something else…? Find interesting people based on what you like: Choose my interests¬†‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ You can also Log in to save your interests on your profile and see recommendations of who to read about next. What is Careers Zone? Discover jobs. Get advice for your future What it’s like to be a marine biologist or a¬†satellite engineer? How do you become a psychologist for conspiracy theories¬†or someone who protects airplanes from lightning? Have questions about uni or¬†apprenticeships? The scientists and engineers in Careers Zone are on hand to help you out. ASK them anything you like about careers in science and engineering: ASK my questions ‚ĚĮ‚ĚĮ

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Explore STEM Careers today

Careers Zone – Connecting students with STEM professionals Welcome to the new students and professionals who’ve recently joined I’m a Scientist – Careers Zone. Students – get started exploring STEM Professionals’ profiles: UK STEM Professionals Ireland STEM Professionals Recent questions Students – ask your question any time using ASK. You can ask a specific professional a question through their profile page too. Professionals – log in to see questions asked to you on your profile. Changes to the Careers Zone We’re currently working on improvements to the Careers Zone site. These changes will make it easier for students to find STEM professionals in jobs that interest them. Stay tuned for more information on these developments over the coming months…

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Does art ever help you in science? and other great questions from your Careers Zone

Student winner Congratulations to¬†959cara48¬†who has won this month’s ¬£20 voucher for great involvement in the Careers Zone. We’ll be in touch with your teacher to get your prize to you. New Questions We’ve had loads of great questions over the last 2 months – here are 3 of our favourites (click to read the answers): Does art ever help you in science? Would choosing the STEM subjects be useful to achieve better in the science careers please? What types of things do chemical engineers do on a typical day? Also, is a process engineer a type of chemical engineer? If so what are the other types of chemical engineers? Get advice for your future! Over 100 experts have signed up to answer your questions, they’re organised by school subject¬†to help you find people relevant to you. You can post questions to any expert on the site, even when they’re not … Continue reading

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Live chat today, 3:00-4:30

Join us after school today for a drop-in live chat, open to all students and experts who are available. Time: 3:00-4:30 Chat page: Students See which experts are coming in the comments here.¬†You can comment to let them know you’ll be coming too! Experts Let the students know if you’re available by commenting on the chat booking.  

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Careers Zone Live chat – Wednesday 24th January, 3:00-4:30

The next Careers Zone live chat is: Wednesday 24th January 3:00-4:30pm Chat page:¬† This is a drop-in style chat after school, open to all students at schools in the zone and all experts who are available.¬†There will be a moderator in the chat at all times to help it run smoothly.   Experts¬† If you’d like to join all or part of the drop-in chat, please comment below to say so, e.g. ‘Hi, I’ll be there from 3.15 :)’. Please comment by Monday 22nd January.   Students Check the comments to see which experts are planning to be in the chat. You can comment to let them know you’ll be there too. Be sure to look through these experts’ profiles and log in on Wednesday after school (3:00-4:30pm) to chat with them live here:¬† Teachers Please support your students in accessing the chat. If you’re bringing a whole class online, … Continue reading

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Live chat today 3:30-5:00pm in Careers Zone

Students Get advice for your future from scientists and engineers and ask anything you need to know about science and engineering careers. Login after school from 3:30-5:00pm today to meet the scientists and engineers. Click the button to join the CHAT.   Teachers Please support your students in accessing the chat. If you’re bringing a whole class online, comment below to let us know! If you have any questions or problems, please call us on 01225 326892 or email   Experts Remember to drop in from 3.30pm to CHAT with the students in this after school session:

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