• Question: do you work in a team

    Asked by Liamsevans71 to Aisling, Alessandra, Ananthi, Daniel, Ian, Michelle, , Omar, Phil, Tabby on 18 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Ananthi Ramachandran

      Ananthi Ramachandran answered on 14 Jun 2018:

      As a PhD student you tend to work alone, however we are part of a team and we have weekly meetings in order to try and help each other out if needed

    • Photo: Aisling Shannon

      Aisling Shannon answered on 12 Sep 2018:

      Yes. Most people in our organization are part of a team. I am in fact part of more than one team/group. I have my technical group, who are people with the same skill set and responsibilities as I have – Structural Engineering. But also I have a project team, which is made up of the lots of different engineers from different specialisms/backgrounds, managers and Scientists. Everyone works together to achieve the same goal – to get the spacecraft launched and operating it’s mission.