• Question: Does art ever help you in science?

    Asked by 967cara39 to Amy, Anthony, Ian, Iulia, Joanna, Krishnaa, Nicholas, Tadhg, Victoria on 21 Feb 2018.
    • Photo: Iulia Motoc

      Iulia Motoc answered on 20 Feb 2018:

      Of course it does. You need to be creative in science. And it also depends on what type of science you are interested in. Some might need arts. And also, you can always use art as a way of relaxing when you are not working. For example, I am a robotics engineer, but I love doing calligraphy, as it relaxes me, clears my mind, and allows me to get back to work with a fresh mind full of new ideas.

    • Photo: Victoria Sharpe

      Victoria Sharpe answered on 21 Feb 2018:

      If you have a talent for art, then you’re half way there. Communicating your ideas or your engineering designs via pictures makes it so much easier for someone else to understand… and you can do it wherever you are – in the office, on the deck of ship, talking to clients or customers at a show, in a machine shop or on a lab.