• Question: how did you get into sperm

    Asked by plantscommissioner2491 to Stéphane on 1 Oct 2018.
    • Photo: Stéphane Berneau

      Stéphane Berneau answered on 28 Sep 2018:


      First, sorry for the delay, I was away for few weeks.

      I think I fell in love with the Reproductive biology through the animal documentary on TV.
      I always loved watching the wildlife and knowing that animals were getting in danger and also their reproductions were affected by humans.
      I started learning about the reproductive strategies used by various species (which I found very fascinating).
      Then, I moved to learn about Human models of reproductive biology and worked on how the embryos implant into the endometrium in cows, mice and Humans.
      Having done a few project on the female side, I decided to work on the male reproductive biology.

      And there it goes: I am investigating the effect of lifestyle on human sperm parameters. It is a very hot topics at the moment: the male fertility has decreased by half in the last 40 years (probably due to our modern lifestyles).

      What are your main topics? Any research interest?