• Question: how long have u been doing this

    Asked by steakgirl17 on 17 Sep 2019.
    • Photo: Meirin Oan Evans

      Meirin Oan Evans answered on 17 Sep 2019:

      I’ve been doing particle physics for 2 years. Particle physics means studying the tiniest building blocks in the universe…I love it! Before that it took 3 years of studying physics at university.

    • Photo: Leah Morgan

      Leah Morgan answered on 17 Sep 2019:

      I’ve been an engineer for just over a year, before I started my job I was training to be a physicist!

    • Photo: Verity Woodhall

      Verity Woodhall answered on 17 Sep 2019:

      I’ve been working as a bioinformatician for 1 year (but I did 3 years training before that).

    • Photo: Bryony Hockin

      Bryony Hockin answered on 17 Sep 2019:

      I’ve been studying chemistry for 3 years, before that I was studying for a Master’s degree in chemistry… so really it’s closer to 7 years!

    • Photo: Sylvia Soldatou

      Sylvia Soldatou answered on 22 Sep 2019:

      If I inculde my studies, it’s been 13 years.
      4 years of undergaduate studies
      1 year of masters
      5 years of PhD
      3 years of professional research

    • Photo: Miriam Hogg

      Miriam Hogg answered on 4 Nov 2019:

      I’m still a PhD student so i’m not done quite yet!
      However during my PhD I have done 3 different research topics where I have been able to contribute knowledge to the field of white dwarfs (dead stars).
      I did a degree in astrophysics which was 3 years and a one year masters before starting my PhD. I’m at the very end of my PhD now where I write up everything i’ve done into a big book called a thesis at which point I will have been studying astrophysics for 7.5 years:)