• Question: I am really interested in microbiology and I wanted to know if there were an apprenticeships in this sort of field of study

    Asked by LE MONKE on 26 Sep 2017.
    • Photo: Samantha Terry

      Samantha Terry answered on 21 Sep 2017:

      Dear Le Monke,

      Thank you for getting in touch. Generally, most places have summer studentships to which you can apply. Also, you could consider getting in touch with people directly and ask them. Don’ t by shy.

    • Photo: Craig Jarvis

      Craig Jarvis answered on 22 Sep 2017:

      Hi Le Monke. There certainly are apprenticeships out there. Here at Wessex Water we offer a two year apprenticeship which cover the four main areas of the lab – including Microbiology, Organics analysis (pesticides etc.), Sludges and Soil analysis, and General chemistry. Once the apprenticeship is complete, you will be offered and placed in a lab that best suits your ambitions/skill set. For example – the last two completed apprentices have gone onto to work in the Microbiology lab and the organics lab.

      The Microbiology lab analysis drinking water for all sorts of coliforms and faecal coliforms as well as cryptosporidium. They typically analysis up to 300 samples a day from across the south west.

      We also offer a week long work experience which covers those for areas. If you’d like more information on the work experience, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    • Photo: Natalie Pilakouta

      Natalie Pilakouta answered on 22 Sep 2017:

      I’m not a microbiologist myself, so I don’t have personal experience with apprenticeships in this field, but I just did a quick google search for microbiology apprenticeships in the UK and it looks like there are lots of opportunities available!

    • Photo: Dmitry Dereshev

      Dmitry Dereshev answered on 22 Sep 2017:

      From my quick search it appears that you need to be in the process of getting a BSc degree to get summer internships and placements specifically in microbiology.

      If you are looking specifically for apprenticeships, here are the best results I could find: https://www.indeed.co.uk/jobs?q=“Microbiology”&jt=apprenticeship

    • Photo: Dmitry Dereshev

      Dmitry Dereshev answered on 22 Sep 2017:

      Oh, and if you want to know a bit more about what microbiology as a job profile is: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/microbiologist

    • Photo: Lydia James

      Lydia James answered on 28 Sep 2017:

      Hi Le Monke,

      You can find an apprenticeship in practically any field, trying to find a specific course tailored to microbiology could be tricky but if you look hard enough you should be find. A great place to start is by creating a profile on an apprentice search website like the National Apprenticeship Service or the government search website where you can set up email alerts with keywords.

      You also need to have a look at what level of apprenticeship you are interested in. Level 2 or intermediate apprenticeships are a GCSE equivalent, an advanced apprenticeship involves a level 3 B-Tec course and is an A-Level equivalent and finally a higher apprenticeship requires a minimum of 2 A-Levels at grades A* – C and is a level 4 qualification aimed at higher education and management tracking. Hope this was helpful for the apprenticeship side, seems like a few other people have some more detailed advice on specific companies in your desired job field.

    • Photo: Ellen Williams

      Ellen Williams answered on 1 Oct 2017:

      Hi Le Monke! It looks like some of the others have given you some great advice already so hopefully that is useful 🙂 Good luck with your career!

    • Photo: Devon Smith

      Devon Smith answered on 3 Oct 2017:

      I’m not a microbiologist so I don’t know specific ones, but like all of the previous answers a simple Google brings up lots of opportunities. And I agree with Samantha, if you come across a lab or a group that you like the sounds of, email or call them and ask whether there is any possibility of them taking on an apprentice or a summer student etc. Most groups will find that quite inspiring.