• Question: Is there a career called a military scientist, I think there is but can you please confirm it?

    Asked by PatrioticRanger0912 on 29 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Jonathan Kay

      Jonathan Kay answered on 29 Jan 2018:

      I’ve never heard of that.
      There are a lot of engineers in the armed forces. And some very advanced technology in weapons.

      Are you thinking of a job where you would join the armed forces?

    • Photo: Tim Millar

      Tim Millar answered on 29 Jan 2018:

      The Ministry of Defence has a science group – Defence Science and Technology Laboratory as part of the Civil Service. The link will give you an idea as to what they do


      and here there is a story from the BBC about what happens on the front line for military scientists


      Most will have a degree in science before specialising in defence. There are also many suppliers of technology to the military and these will employ engineers such as the aerospace industries and so on. Again a first degree in a science, technology, engineering or maths subject and then specialise.

      Hope that helps

    • Photo: Dmitry Dereshev

      Dmitry Dereshev answered on 29 Jan 2018:

      It doesn’t go by that name, but if you would like to use scientific acumen to help troops in battle, you could join Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (https://www.gov.uk/dstl). They have placements for students:
      Graduate Scientist: covering science, social science, technology, information science, mathematics and statistics.
      Judging from their current vacancies, they do look for a wide range of scientific knowledge from chemical safety, to data science, to psychology, to physics, to marine expertise.

      Another option might be to become operational researcher or an engineer, and work for universities which take grants from the Department of Defence and develop military tech through that means.

      Third option – join Defence Intelligence branch of the Department of Defence. They have both civilian options (you will work alongside soldiers, but won’t be considered one) and military ones (more info here: https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/defence-intelligence).

      Finally, there is an option to join MI5. They seek intelligence officers to help solve some of the most pressing problems too. It’s counter-intelligence/security, not military, but it’s another way to be out their on the (often digital) front line.

    • Photo: Tim Stephens

      Tim Stephens answered on 29 Jan 2018:

      There are scientists who work for the government at institutions like GCHQ, AWE, and DSTL.I’m not sure that any of them call themselves military scientists though!