• Question: What A-levels do you recommend taking for a career in engineering?

    Asked by Kiki.L to Victoria, Stuart, Laura, Katie, John, Holly, Ele on 28 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 27 Mar 2018:

      The only one I would recommend as crucial is taking Maths; you’ll use it across whatever branch of engineering you go into, so being really solid in your maths will get you a headstart.

      Other than that, a broad range of things with a technical twist, and at least one in a D&T subject. Popular choices are Physics, Electronics, Graphics, but you can afford to spread out, that just shows that you are curious. I did Product Design, Maths, History, Chemistry, so a real mixture but that suited me well.

      Getting lots of workshop experience during your D&T-related A level is a really good idea if your Sixth Form has that available. When I went to University, not everyone had been to a Sixth Form with workshops, if yours doesn’t don’t panic; Universities are looking for potential so you can show your interest and skill in making stuff via graphics or electronics or a hobby.