• Question: What did you find most surprising or interesting about your current job that you did not expect before?

    Asked by 558cara48 to , Claire, Devon, Dmitry, Heather, Krishma, Laura, Richard, Thomas, Tim.S on 22 Jan 2018. This question was also asked by 764cara48.
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      answered on 22 Jan 2018:

      I never expected to be talking to politicians about disease control policy – but 6 months after I joined the Wellcome Trust Centre for Epidemiology of Infectious Disease, I started working on BSE (=mad cow disease) and it was a political priority as well as an epidemiological one. Since then I have worked on various diseases and their control. Most recently, I met with Michael Gove MP and others to discuss bovine TB in cattle.

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      Dmitry Dereshev answered on 22 Jan 2018:

      I couldn’t imagine writing a book being a “small side project” for many scientists before I started my PhD. As a researcher you do write *a lot*. And you read *a lot* as well.

      Before I started to do research, I thought you’d spend most of your time in a lab, or out there doing fieldwork. It turned out, that about 2/3 of the experience is actually either reading about experiments others have done, or writing up your own research, so that other people could read it.