• Question: What extra curricular subjects will help me to become a scientist?

    Asked by atoms365 to Alessandra, Andy, Craig, Evan, Graham, Jennifer, Marianne, Natalie, Becky, Sam on 5 Apr 2018.
    • Photo: Andy Woods

      Andy Woods answered on 5 Apr 2018:

      Just do things you enjoy. If you enjoy science club do it. If you enjoy cricket or rugby or football do it. If you enjoy drawing or art do it. If you enjoy being in the scouts or air cadets do it.

      If you do things you enjoy and show that you are committed to it people will appreciate that.

      When I interview people for apprenticeships we look for them to show us how they go further than they need to. Whether this is getting up every Saturday to go and play football or practising their art to show how much better they’ve got or attending classes to improve science it doesn’t matter as long as you show you can commit to this.

      Committing to something is easier if you enjoy it.