• Question: What is your greatest achievement at work?

    Asked by 696cara46 to Tim.M, Stuart, Shreesha, Sabina, Omar, Nicola, Leah, Jen on 23 Apr 2019. This question was also asked by modemily.
    • Photo: Tim Millar

      Tim Millar answered on 18 Apr 2019:

      This isn’t an easy one to answer. I have been teaching medical students for 12 years so I have had a hand in the training of over 2500 new doctors. I also train students in research and have helped 10 to gain their doctorates. I also examine other students for their PhDs. i might also have helped someone make up their mind to have a career in science through “I’m a scientist”.

      In research, there are papers to publish and I have quite a few of those, grants to be awarded and I have generated a few million pounds for that too but they are just part of what we do to continue doing the science. What real world impact have I actually made? Its a question that we will all struggle with at some point. Some of my work is basic and fundamental, the real worth will come sometime in the future. I hope that I have had a hand in a new drug for arthritis, a method to stop babies dying from water borne infection, maybe discovered a new target to affect cancer or skin disease. My next target is heart valve research and how we could prevent infection or make new and better replacement valves. It might also lead to new ways to combat bacteria as the antibiotics we have become less useful. it is a hope of mine that science can find the answers to these and many other problems in the world. I’m interested in science and through science we can make a difference.

      Thank you for asking the question as it is good to reflect on what we have done and it makes us focus on doing more and being better and innovative in what we do.