• Question: What is your next step in your job?

    Asked by sam17 on 23 Sep 2019.
    • Photo: Thomas Perriment

      Thomas Perriment answered on 21 Sep 2019:

      So I’m a geotechnical engineer, and I’ve been working for around six years now. I spend a lot of time in the field (ie. not the office!) and a lot of time on technical work. The next step for me is taking on a more senior role in leading my team and company direction. You’re always learning in STEM careers, but once you’ve learnt the “basics” you usually take on more of the business side of your job as well.

    • Photo: Sylvia Soldatou

      Sylvia Soldatou answered on 22 Sep 2019:

      Hopefully starting my own research lab in academia!