• Question: What made you interested in becoming a scientist?

    Asked by sfc17 on 20 Sep 2019.
    • Photo: Robert Dempsey

      Robert Dempsey answered on 20 Sep 2019:

      I’m a psychological scientist – so for me, I got really interested in research when I studied for my BSc Psychology degree. I had toyed with going down a practitioner psychologist route (e.g. training up as a Clinical Psychologist working in a therapy-based role), but I liked being able to test ideas, run experiments, analyse data… I think being able to test an idea or hypothesis and see whether that idea/hypothesis stands up is always interesting.

    • Photo: Victoria Sharpe

      Victoria Sharpe answered on 22 Sep 2019:

      I was interested in becoming an engineer when I found out I could use my maths and physics skills to understand why something worked and why it didn’t. I am still doing this today!