• Question: what subjects do you have to have a good grade in to be able to study robotics in university

    Asked by Rob :D to Dmitry on 30 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Dmitry Dereshev

      Dmitry Dereshev answered on 29 Jan 2018:

      tl;dr: Maths + Physics or Electronics or Chemistry or Computing, with marks of AAB or ABB, and GCSE of A*-C or similar.

      Take a look here: https://digital.ucas.com/search/results?SearchText=robotics&filters=Destination_Undergraduate

      It lists courses that would make you a good fit to study robotics.They generally go into either engineering (BEng) or science (BSc). There isn’t a principle difference so far as I am aware.
      The search lists MSc degrees in robotics as well, and that’s where you might want to go afterwards to delve deeper into robotics.

      Each Uni might ask for different grades in different subjects, and they may change annually, so check the latest info first. Just picking a few random courses from the search above, one asks for ABB-BBB at A-levels, and good GCSE (A*-C) including maths. Another one just asks for a total of 80 – 96 UCAS points from any subjects. A third one only asks for AAB with Maths and a relevant scientific subject (Physics, Electronics, Chemistry or Computing) and does not accept UCAS Tariff.

      When I applied to Unis, I chose pure Maths BSc, and the Uni only asked for a total of UCAS points in any subjects. I had high marks in Russian, Biology, and Physics (and a decent mark in Chemistry), so had no problems applying. After that I jumped straight into a PhD, and was lucky enough to find a professor with relevant expertise who agreed to have me as a student.