• Question: what type of science (chemistry, physics, biology) do you need to become a technical engineer

    Asked by Rob :D to , Steph, Rich, Priyanka, Nicholas, , Alessandra on 30 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Alessandra Treviso

      Alessandra Treviso answered on 29 Jan 2018:

      Hi Rob,

      I studied mechanical engineering at university and to become an engineer I did study a lot of chemistry, physics and maths.

    • Photo: Steph Tomlinson

      Steph Tomlinson answered on 30 Jan 2018:

      There are a lot of engineering disciplines, so it depends which is of most interest to you. I recommend going on an engineering summer school at a university so you can try out which suits you best. I chose mechanical engineering and studied Maths Physics and Art at A-level.