• Question: What was the hardest thing about A-level Psychology

    Asked by SmallBodyBigHeart on 8 Apr 2019.
    • Photo: Abbie Jordan

      Abbie Jordan answered on 5 Apr 2019:

      This is a good question. It was a long time ago for me! I have to say that I loved it and it’s the reason I do what I do. I think the focus on perception was hardest for me as not my strong suit as they say! But I am so positive about the A Level that changed my career focus.

    • Photo: Rose Turner

      Rose Turner answered on 11 Apr 2019:

      For me, it was getting a sense of the different perspectives in psychology and how they relate to one another. In terms of exams, both for A-level and beyond, it was being able to understand what the question was asking – what it was looking for. I have a tendency to try to write down everything I can think of, and everything I’m interested in, which can read like a very messy train of thought! If you’re asked about one particular topic showcase your knowledge on that, and resist going into detail about other topics.