• Question: What would you do to change the world within your job?

    Asked by 696cara46 to Jennifer, Jonathan, Katie, Michael, Ollie, Omar, Rebecca, Rebecca, Sarah, Tim.M on 5 Feb 2018.
    • Photo: Rebecca Dewey

      Rebecca Dewey answered on 5 Feb 2018:

      I would love for everyone to be able to engage a little bit more with the world of science. With a little bit of knowledge and understanding, you have the capability to understand enough about science to help make your own life better. This might be understanding a bit about the chemistry of cooking and the biology of how to have a healthy diet, or it might be about knowing what is required to fix your car, or the damp course in your house, or to choose which medicine you need or what type of doctor you want to see when you’re ill. I want everyone in the world to understand that science is about rigorously testing something until you have enough information to confidently believe, beyond all reasonable doubt, how something works. Only then can you work out why that thing goes wrong, how to fix it, how to avoid it going wrong in the first place, etc.

    • Photo: Jonathan Kay

      Jonathan Kay answered on 6 Feb 2018:

      I wish that everyone knew more about what determines their health and the health of people close to them.
      I did a bit on that when I was a practising pathologist on projects like Lab Tests Online UK (https://labtestsonline.org.uk) and we also run National Pathology Week.
      Many more scientists are now contributing to public understanding, and quite a lot choose to do some media training to help them do it better.