• Question: why is biology better than other subjects

    Asked by zombiepsychologist2491 on 19 Sep 2018.
    • Photo: Aileen Baird

      Aileen Baird answered on 19 Sep 2018:

      Hi there,

      I personally think biology is the best because its the subject I find the most fun! I am a microbiologist, which means I study microorganisms (tiny living things such as bacteria, viruses and fungi). I think microorganisms are amazing because there is this whole world going on that we can’t even see- its incredible.

      Having said that, I think the best subject is something you enjoy- you are more likely to work hard and do well if you actually find it interesting. So find a subject you find fascinating- if that is biology, then great, if its something else, thats cool too!

      Aileen 🙂

    • Photo: Tim Millar

      Tim Millar answered on 19 Sep 2018:

      It isnt better, for me, i just happened to like it and be quite good with it. You also have to remember that all of the subjets contain a little bit of the other subjects and biology is probably the one that uses most chemistry and physics to describe whats going on. We also work with engineers to make models of the blood system so that we dont have to use animals in our research. All of the blood flow is calculated using complex maths and physics. The drugs we use to block our cells from dividing were made by medicinal chemists. The devices we make are designed from scans of real vessels and 3D printed by the engineers. Modern biology is a big mix and you can interact with lots of other subjects. There are even “subject hopping” funds so i can be paid to retrain in a new field. Bringing all the sciences together means its hard to pick if there is a best one.

    • Photo: Jo Nettleship

      Jo Nettleship answered on 19 Sep 2018:

      So, right now I am a structural biologist but at A level, I didn’t do biology. I didn’t like it at school and so I did chemistry and physics (in retrospect I think the teacher had a lot to do with this!). If you enjoy biology then it is the subject for you. If you don’t then you need to think about where you want to go next and what subjects might facilitate this, alongside which subjects you enjoy. If you enjoy a subject, in general you will be more motivated to do the course and to succeed at it.
      Right now I like life sciences and medical research as I feel I am doing my bit to help cure diseases which is quite motivating.
      Best wishes

    • Photo: Ali Hill

      Ali Hill answered on 19 Sep 2018:

      I don’t think it’s better. It’s just different. I like biology because I like knowing about things that are alive. I find physics and chemistry harder concepts to relate to because I can’t “see it”.

    • Photo: Ellen Williams

      Ellen Williams answered on 20 Sep 2018:

      I don’t think any subject is better than any other. It is about finding a subject that you like and are interested in/passionate about. For me that is animal behaviour and welfare – technically a welfare discipline but quite different to other biological disciplines.

    • Photo: Debbie Crockard

      Debbie Crockard answered on 24 Sep 2018:

      It’s actually a really hard question to answer, i love biology because i love the ecology side of it – looking at how things interact and work together and why animals and plants react they way they do and how they interact with their environments. But the more i study science the more interesting i find how they all fit together and interact – i love how the laws of physics dictate the chemical interactions which result in the biology of living things.

    • Photo: Stéphane Berneau

      Stéphane Berneau answered on 28 Sep 2018:

      Not sure it is the best one… However, it comes closer to medical research topics.

      I love biology because we use chemistry, physics and maths everyday. Biology is not a “pure” science subject but I love the mix.

      I like the idea that in Biology, there is a large variety of topics to investigate: environment, human, animal, plant, ecosystem, microbiology, … And we use very standard and common techniques in the lab.

    • Photo: Chloe Huseyin

      Chloe Huseyin answered on 22 Jan 2019:

      I think Ellen answered this really well already. The best subject is the one you find the most interesting. Biology is such a broad term too that there are different branches of biology that I find really interesting and others I find really boring.